CardioNerds Rounds

Join us for CardioNerds Rounds – as we “round” with guideline authors and experts to review nuances in the latest cardiovascular disease guidelines through interactive case-based discussions. The intended audience is general cardiovascular disease fellows, but all trainees and faculty are welcome to join.  

These sessions will be held once monthly during the noon hour EST, and will be available both live and via recording. Later in the year, we will be recruiting programs to participate in a study of virtual vs. hybrid learning using this platform, so please stay tuned for more details. This program is supported by Zoll LifeVest. All CardioNerds content is planned, produced, and reviewed solely by CardioNerds. 

CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll

The CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll is the list of cardiovascular fellowship programs which support the CardioNerds mission to Democratize Cardiovascular Education. Each honor roll program nominates a CardioNerds Ambassador & contributes open-access content by way of CardioNerds Case Reports Series.

CardioNerds Ambassadors are fellows nominated by CardioNerds fellowships to represent education at their program. 

The CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll is named after Dr. Bernadine Patricia Healy, a CardioNerd Hero who was the first female director of the National Institutes of Health and accomplished incredible achievements during her career.

Case REports: Recruitment Series

The CardioNerds Cardiology Case Reports series shines light on the hidden curriculum of medical storytelling. We learn together while discussing fascinating cases in this fun, engaging, and educational format.

We teamed up with the ACC FIT Section to use the #CNCR episodes to showcase CV education across the country in the era of virtual recruitment. 

We are looking for cases with high educational value, whether routine or rare, with clear learning points.

NOTE: currently we are seeking cases from resident and fellow trainees in the United States. Residents must have an actively engaged fellow mentor.

For any questions, please email


Narratives in Cardiology

The CardioNerds Narratives in Cardiology series features cardiovascular faculty representing diverse backgrounds, subspecialties, career stages, and career paths. Discussing why these faculty chose careers in cardiology and their passion for their work are essential components to inspiring interest in the field.

To help guide this important initiative, the CardioNerds Narratives Council was founded to provide mentorship and guidance in producing the Narratives series with regards to guests and content. The CardioNerds Narratives Council members include: Dr. Pamela DouglasDr. Nosheen RezaDr. Martha GulatiDr. Quinn Capers, IVDr. Ann Marie NavarDr. Ki ParkDr. Bob HarringtonDr. Sharonne Hayes, and Dr. Michelle Albert.

CardioNerds Academy

The CardioNerds Academy was founded in January of 2021 to further the democratization of cardiovascular education and to create digital content for asynchronous medical education with the overarching mission of marrying content creation with personal and professional development. 

The Academy harnesses the entire CardioNerds network and platform to facilitate mentorship, networking, and collaborative efforts at the national and international level.

CardioNerds academy fellows are divided into 4 equal “Houses of Cards” that are named after cardiology legends, Vivian Thomas, Helen Taussig, Edith Jones, and Willem Einthoven.

Now accepting Applications for the 2022 class!

If you’re a current internal medicine resident, interested in the intersection between medical education, cardiovascular disease and digital media, consider applying to the CardioNerds Academy using this link. The deadline for this application is October 15th 2021. 

CardioNerds Journal Club Logo

Journal Club

CardioNerds Journal Club Logo

CardioNerds Journal Club is a monthly forum for CardioNerds to discuss and breakdown recent publications on twitter and are produced with a corresponding infographic and detailed blog post.

Use and search #CardsJC to follow and participate in the conversation

Think of it as a Flash Mob of people coming together at one time on #CardioTwitter to discuss the latest trials in a healthy and collaborative way!

Follow @CardioNerds & @CardioNerdsJC twitter accounts to see upcoming Journal Clubs and other CardioNerds Events. We cannot wait to learn with you


Infographics & Tweetorials

Check out our collection of infographics on the CardioNerds Infographics Page and #Tweetorials on the CardioNerds Tweetorial Page!

There, you can find infographics and tweetorials organized and categorized by  by cardiovascular topic including

✔️Heart failure and transplantation, ✔️Arrhythmias and electrophysiology, ✔️Cardio-obstetrics, ✔️Cardiovascular imaging, ✔️Congenital heart disease, ✔️Prevention, ✔️Coronary artery disease, ✔️Critical care, ✔️Hypertension, ✔️Interventional/structural cardiology, ✔️Pericardial disease, ✔️Pulmonary ✔️Hypertension, ✔️Valvular heart disease, ✔️Women’s CV health, and  more!


Medical Journalism: CardioNerds Correspondents

Check out our collection of published articles on our Medical Journalism CardioNerds Correspondents Page! 

Medical journalism empowers the masses with key and timely health information, distilled from primary literature and other sources. 

The Medical Journalism Program is an immersive experience whereby Correspondents develop as journalists in the cardiovascular arena. 

Information is power, and we aim to improve health equitably by empowering everyone with accurate, timely, and relevant cardiovascular health news.


What is Making Your Heart Flutter?

We know that the daily grind of health care can be really tough on everyone in the trenches of the practice of medicine. 

We find that our passion for medical education has really enhanced our sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. We want to highlight this on our show and so we created the “What is making my heart flutter” segment. 

A “Flutter Moment” is a moment of inspiration that enhanced your sense of wellbeing. This can be related to patient care, the work place, something that happened at home, or just simply an appreciation for some of life’s sweet moments.

Please send an audio file to us describing what made your heart flutter so we can play it at the end of our next episode so we can all celebrate YOUR great moments together!  

Disclaimer: This podcast, platform and website is not meant to be used for medical advice. The views expressed on our show and site do not reflect the opinions or policies of our employers. Any patient cases discussed are HIPPA compliant; some details are changed to protect privacy. Out of respect for our patients, the rest of the stories are told as they occurred.