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CardioNerds Case REports: Recruitment Series

The CardioNerds Cardiology Case Reports series shines light on the hidden curriculum of medical storytelling. We learn together while discussing fascinating cases in this fun, engaging, and educational format.

We are teaming up with the ACC FIT Section to use the #CNCR episodes to showcase CV education across the country in the era of virtual recruitment. As part of the recruitment series, each episode features fellows from a given program discussing and teaching about an interesting case as well as sharing what makes their hearts flutter about their fellowship training. The case discussion is followed by both an E-CPR segment and a message from the program director.

The #CNCR Recruitment Episodes help us Democratize CV Education with three key goals:
1) Showcase CV Education with Cases across the Country
2) Promote Diversity & Inclusion within CV Training
3) Introduce Residents to Fellowship Programs

Cardiology Fellowship Programs Involved!

We are accepting cases!

We are looking for cases with high educational value, whether routine or rare, with clear learning points.

NOTE: currently we are seeking cases from resident and fellow trainees in the United States. Residents must have an actively engaged fellow mentor.

For any questions, please email

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CardioNerds Academy

We are looking for several CardioNerds to join our team as official CardioNerds Fellows for the 2021 calendar year (Jan-Dec). Our CardioNerds Fellowship will be adjunctive, wildly prestigious, and totally unpaid, intended to complement your current role and career trajectory (don’t ditch your real job!).

We are looking for highly motivated folks who want to learn the ropes of med-ed podcasting and are looking to innovate in the med-ed space.

Applications for this cycle has been closed as of October 15th. CardioNerds Fellows will be notified by December 1st, 2020.

What is Making Your Heart Flutter?

We know that the daily grind of health care can be really tough on everyone in the trenches of the practice of medicine. 

We find that our passion for medical education has really enhanced our sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. We want to highlight this on our show and so we created the “What is making my heart flutter” segment. 

Please send an audio file to describing what made your heart flutter so we can play it at the end of our next episode so we can all celebrate YOUR great moments together!  

Disclaimer: This podcast and website is not meant to be used for medical advice. The views expressed on our show and site do not reflect the opinions or policies of our employers. The cases you hear are HIPPA compliant; some details are changed to protect privacy. Out of respect for our patients, the rest of the stories are told as they occurred.