This show is for you!

Cardiovascular disease is serious. But learning it and caring for patients doesn’t need to be! The CardioNerds are here to bring you high yield concepts in a fun and engaging format.

Each primary episode is staged around the consult interaction, to captivate both the cardiologist and non-cardiologist listener.

We use the consult interaction as a launchpad to dive deeper into the bread and butter concepts that come up every day while taking care of patients! Learn more!

What is Making Your Heart Flutter?

We know that the daily grind of health care can be really tough on everyone in the trenches of the practice of medicine. 

We find that our passion for medical education has really enhanced our sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. We want to highlight this on our show and so we created the “What is making my heart flutter” segment. 

Please send an audio file to describing what made your heart flutter so we can play it at the end of our next episode so we can all celebrate YOUR great moments together!