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What is Making Your Heart Flutter?

We know that the daily grind of health care can be really tough on everyone in the trenches of the practice of medicine. 

We find that our passion for medical education has really enhanced our sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. We want to highlight this on our show and so we created the “What is making my heart flutter” segment. 

Please send an audio file to describing what made your heart flutter so we can play it at the end of our next episode so we can all celebrate YOUR great moments together!  

We are the CardioNerds Cardiology Podcast!
Using high yield cases we’ll teach
In the hopes complicated topics come within reach
We’ll round things out with a pulse-check
And use videos and schematics that are high-tech
We whip that Vfib into sinus
Get you treating cardio conditions with spryness
Be a nerd, teach what you heard, and spread the word!

Disclaimer: This podcast and website is not meant to be used for medical advice. The views expressed on our show and site do not reflect the opinions or policies of our employers. The cases you hear are HIPPA compliant; some details are changed to protect privacy. Out of respect for our patients, the rest of the stories are told as they occurred.

The cardionerds podcast


There is no way we could have started the Cardionerds cardiology podcast on our own. We have had so much help along the way and we are just incredibly grateful for everyones time and brilliance in providing emotional support and powerful feedback to get this project up and running.