CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll

CardioNerds Honor Roll

Welcome to the CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll & Ambassadors page! 

The CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll is the list of cardiovascular fellowship programs which support the CardioNerds mission to Democratize Cardiovascular Education. These programs foster the CardioNerds spirit by:
✔️Nominating a CardioNerds Ambassador – see below
✔️Contributing open-access content by way of CNCR cases: Learn more here. 

The CardioNerds Ambassadors are fellows nominated by CardioNerds fellowships to represent education at their program. They are an esteemed group of highly motivated individuals with a passion for education. The goal is to both:

✔️Ensure representation on the platform from their programs
✔️Foster their individual personal & professional development

Meet our ambassadors below – they are tomorrow’s leaders.

The CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll is named after Dr. Bernadine Patricia Healy, a CardioNerd Hero who was the first female director of the National Institutes of Health and accomplished incredible achievements during her career.

Is your program a CardioNerds program? Contact us to learn how to join the Honor Roll & help us Democratize CV Education.

Cardiology Fellowship Programs Involved!

Honor Roll Programs and Ambassadors

Boston University

Ambassador: Dr. Kate Raiti-Palazzolo
Former Ambassador: Dr. Alex Pipilas
Program Director: Dr. Omar Siddiqi

Brown University

Ambassador: Dr. Vishnu Kadiyala
Former Ambassador: Dr. David Louis
Program Director: Dr. Katherine French

Cedars Sinai

Ambassador: Dr. Paul Marano
Former Ambassador: Dr. Natasha Cuk
Program Director: Dr. Joshua Goldhaber

Cleveland Clinic

Ambassador: Dr. Paul Marano
Former Ambassador: Dr. Tiffany Dong
Program Director: Dr. Venu Menon

Duke University

Ambassador: Dr. Aman Kansal
Former Ambassador: Dr. Kelly Arps
Program Director: Dr. Anna Lisa Crowley

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Ambassador: Dr. Anjali Wagle
Former Ambassador: Dr. Ali Wand
Program Director: Dr. Thorsten Leucker

Mayo Clinic

Ambassador: Dr. Mary-Tiffany Oduah
Former Ambassador: Dr. David Harmon
Former Ambassador:  Dr. Mays Ali
Program Director: Dr. Nandan Anavekar

MedStar Georgetown

Ambassador: Dr. Merna Hussien
Former Ambassador: Dr. Nitin Malik
Program Director: Dr. Gaby Weissman

Northwestern University

Ambassador: Dr. Johnny Hourmozdi
Former Ambassador: Dr. Lauren (Loie) Farina
Program Director: Dr. Benjamin Freed

Oregon Health & Science University

Ambassador: Dr. Christian Inchaustegui
Former Ambassador: Dr. Pooja Prasad
Former Ambassador: Dr. Miranda Merrill
Program Director: Dr. Hind Rahmouni

Scripps Clinic

Ambassador: Dr. Christine Shen
Program Director: Dr. Malhar Patel

Stanford University

Ambassador: Dr. Daniel Amponsah
Former Ambassador: Dr. David Wang
Former Ambassador: Dr. Pablo Sanchez,
Former Ambassador: Dr. Natalie Tapaskar
Program Director: Dr. Joshua Knowles

Temple University

Ambassador: Dr. Naima Maqsood
Former Ambassador: Dr. Matt Delfiner
Program Director: Dr. Pravin Patil

Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Ambassador: Dr. Sebastian Rodriguez
Former Ambassador: Dr. Sean Dikdan
Program Director: Dr. Gregary Marhefka

University of Connecticut

Ambassador: Dr. Audrey Ready
Former Ambassador: Dr. Justice Oranefo
Former Ambassador: Dr. Manish Kumar
Program Director: Dr. Joyce Meng

University of Florida

Ambassador: Dr. Ana Florencia Becerra
Former Ambassador: Dr. Hussain Khalid
Former Ambassador: Dr. S. Allan Petty
Program Director: Dr. Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed

University of Hawaii

Ambassador: Dr. Benita Tjoe
Former Ambassador: Dr. Isaac Mizrahi
Program Director: Dr. Dipanjan Banerjee

University of Illinois

Ambassador: Dr. Erik Simon
Former Ambassador: Dr. Brody Slostad
Former Ambassador: Dr. Owais Abdul-Kafi
Program Director: Dr. Alex Auseon

University of Maryland

Ambassador: Dr. Andrew Lutz
Former Ambassador: Dr. Manu Mysore
Program Director: Dr. Mukta Srivastava

University of Michigan

Ambassador: Dr. Katie Fell
Formal Ambassador: Dr. Apu Chakrabarti
Program Director: Dr. Melinda Davis

Washington University in St. Louis

Ambassador: Dr. Colin Martz
Former Ambassador: Dr. Kristen Wong
Former Ambassador: Dr. Manuel (Manny) Rivera Maza
Program Director: Dr. Andy Kates

Weill Cornell

Ambassador: Dr. Jaya Kanduri
Program Director: Dr. Harsimran Singh