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CardioNerds Recorded Talks

Cardionerds - A Cardiology Podcast:

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Clinical Trial Network talks

Introduction to Numeracy II – Ethics, Human Nature and Scientific Evidence with Dr. Burton Lee (Delivered on 11/29/2022)

Cardionerds Clinical Trial Network Talks: Community-based Leadership in Clinical Trials with Dr. David Hinchman, Dr. Clay Hays, Dr. Rita Jermyn, and Dr. Vijay Rao (Delivered on 11/8/2022)

Career Development, Trials, and Mentorship with Dr. Randall Starling (Delivered on 8/2/2022)

Women in CV Research with Drs. Alanna Morris, Anu Lala, and Shelley Zieroth (Delivered on 6/29/2022)​

Introduction to Numeracy with Dr. Burton Lee (Delivered on 5/4/2022)

Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies for Historically Marginalized Participants with Dr. Melvin Echols (Delivered on 4/26/2022)

CardioNerds Academy Curriculum Talks

CardioNerds Infographics Webinar with Dr. Teodora Donisan (Delivered on 2/22/2022)

CardioNerds Academy Book club

CardioNerds Book Club with Dr. Wes Ely - Every Deep Drawn Breath (Delivered on 5/23/2022)

CardioNerds Academy Nerding Out Night

Nerding Out Night with Dr. Swaiman Singh (Delivered on 1/18/2023)

Nerding out Night with Dr. Swapnil Hiremath (Delivered on 9/26/2022)

Nerding out Night with Dr. Niti Aggarwal: Social Media & Academic Recognition (Delivered on 7/26/2022)