Amit Goyal, MD

Amit Goyal @AmitGoyalMD is a cardiology fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. He completed his medical school at the University of California, San Diego and went on to enjoy residency training in the Osler Program at Johns Hopkins, where he served as the Assistant Chief of Service of the Barker Firm. ​

As ACS he founded Osler Grand Rounds, an interactive mystery case discussion, and helped establish a novel morning report structure integrating bedside skills education. 
He is looking forward to a career in interventional cardiology and medical education. He relishes time with friends and family including with his wife Riddhi and son Dhruv.

Daniel Ambinder, MD

Daniel Ambinder @Dr_DanMD is a cardiology fellow at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He completed his medical school at University of Maryland School of Medicine and had a blast completing residency in the Osler Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

He is active on #CardioTwitter and is an assistant social media editor for @circAHA and @hopkinsheart.
Passions include medical education, development of high quality #MedED content and bedside teaching. Clinical and research interests include resuscitation of cardiac arrest, mechanical circulatory support, coronary and structural heart disease.  

Heather Kagan, MD

Heather Kagan @heatherkaganmd is an internal medicine resident in the Osler program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She completed medical school at Temple University.

She is passionate about the intersection of arts and medicine. In medical school she was a writer for Medscape and created a humanities elective, ‘Artful Thinking’, which utilizes art observation to enhance empathy and communication skills. Her anatomical drawings have been featured on various national platforms and some of her photography can be seen at

Career interests include narrative medicine, general internal medicine, and medical education.

Carine Hamo, MD

Carine Hamo @CarineHamo is a cardiology fellow at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She completed medical school at St. George’s University followed by residency training at Stony Brook University Hospital where she also served as Chief Resident. 

Carine is currently getting an MHS in Cardiovascular Epidemiology at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins. She plans to pursue additional training in advanced heart failure and transplant and is interested in an academic career involving clinical research. 

She puts her nerdiness to good use by creating the visual aid that supplements each podcast.

Our Mission

We are the CardioNerds!
Using high yield cases we’ll teach
In the hopes complicated topics come within reach
We’ll round things out with a pulse-check
And use videos and schematics that are high-tech
We whip that Vfib into sinus
Get you treating cardio conditions with spryness
Be a nerd, teach what you heard, and spread the word!

Disclaimers: This podcast and website is not meant to be used for medical advice. The views expressed on our show and site do not reflect the opinions or policies of our employers. The cases you hear are HIPPA compliant; some details are changed to protect privacy. Out of respect for our patients, the rest of the stories are told as they occurred.


There is no way we could have started this show on our own. We have had so much help along the way and we are just incredibly grateful for everyones time and brilliance in providing emotional support and powerful feedback to get this project up and running.