CardioNerds Academy

Welcome to the Cardionerds Academy Page! We are looking for several CardioNerds to join our team as official CardioNerds Fellows for the 2021 calendar year (Jan-Dec). Our CardioNerds Fellowship will be adjunctive, wildly prestigious, and totally unpaid, intended to complement your current role and career trajectory (don’t ditch your real job!).

We are looking for highly motivated folks who want to learn the ropes of med-ed podcasting and are looking to innovate in the med-ed space.

Applications were due October 15, 2020 and we are no longer accepting applications. CardioNerds Fellows will be notified by December 1st, 2020.

Academy Objectives and Core Competencies

CardioNerds Academy Objectives

  • CardioNerds Fellows will develop the technical skills necessary to produce high-quality medical education content in the form of podcasts
  • CardioNerds Fellows will innovate and contribute to the academic medicine community
  • The CardioNerds Academy will facilitate mentorship of CardioNerds Fellows, who will form a community of future cardiology leaders 
  • CardioNerds Fellows will continue to carry out the CardioNerds mission: disseminate high-quality educational cardiology content to all levels of learners 

CardioNerds Academy Core Competencies 

  • Script production (at least 4 scripts) 
    • Outline teaching goals for a topic 
    • Develop interview guides that facilitate learning 
    • Summarize core teaching points
  • Create high-quality Show Notes summaries (at least 4)
  • Develop skills in audio recording and editing (4) 
  • Create a infographic or visual abstract summary of a core topic (1) 
  • Create a Tweetorial that summarizes a CardioNerds episode (1)
  • Conduct a longitudinal year-long thesis project based on individual CardioNerds Fellow’s interests, guided by a dedicated faculty advisor in addition to guidance by CardioNerds (e.g. journal club, Newsletter, visual design, website design, app, review article, social media, med ed, women’s cardiovascular health, health care equality)
  • Complete a Capstone Project in the form of an academic poster or publication (e.g. case report, poster presentation of longitudinal thesis project at regional or national meeting, AAMC MedEd portal)
  • Attend a national or regional cardiology meeting with CardioNerds
  • Write a blog post (e.g. ACC blog)