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CardioNerds Curriculum Vitae

Cardionerds - A Cardiology Podcast:

Welcome to the CardioNerds Curriculum Vitae Page! 

Below you will find a list of presentations, abstracts, papers, grants,awards, and other accomplishments achieved by the CardioNerds team! 




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DEBAKEY CV Live: Special Edition 
Cardiovascular Training & Education
Consume, Contribute, and Create: Succeeding as a Learner and Educator in the Digital Era.
June 9, 2022

DEBAKEY CV Live: Special Edition 
Pre-CV Fellows’ Boot Camp
Tips and Tricks for 1st Year of Fellowship 

The Great Debate: Trendy vs Traditional Teaching in CV Fellowship
Presented by the PDGME Member Section
American College of Cardiology 
Speakers and Moderators: Drs. Lisa Mendes, Gaby Weissman, Katie Berlacher, Melanie Sulistio, Amit Goyal, Daniel Ambinder, Chittur Sivaram and Venu Menon

How to Harness the Power of Social Media
A FIT’s Journey Through Social Media 
California Chapter of the American College of Cardiology
Presented by Amit Goyal, MD 
March 10, 2022

DEBAKEY CV Live: Special Edition 
Pre-CV Fellows’ Boot Camp
Tips and Tricks for 1st Year of Fellowship 

DEBAKEY CV Live: Adult Congenital Heart Disease 
Adult Congenital Heart Awareness Week Presents: 
From Congenital Heart Disease Patient to Provider – A Personal Perspective

The Glass Lantern Slides to Virtual Platforms:
The Legacy and Future of Cardiovascular Education at MGH:
A Tribute to Peter M. Yurchak, MD 

Narratives in Cardiology - ACC Abstract - CardoioNerds

CardioNerds Narratives in Cardiology
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
Zarina Sharalaya, MD @ZSharalayaMD

SGIM Annual Meeting 2021
The CardioNerds Academy: A Novel Digital Media and Medical Education Fellowship 

Dr. Tommy Das, CardioNerds Academy Program Director 
Cardiology Fellow, Cleveland Clinic


Congreso Venezolano De CardioLogia 2021
Narratives in Medicine 

Dr. Pablo Sanchez
Cardiology Fellow, Stanford University
Embajador de CardioNerds


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