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Welcome to the Beyond the Boards Series Page! 

The CardNerds Beyond the Boards Series expands upon the Mayo Clinic Cardiology Board Review course through illustrative cases translating knowledge into practice.

The CardioNerds Beyond the Boards Series was inspired by the Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Board Review Course and designed in collaboration with the course directors Dr. Amy Pollak, Dr. Jeffrey Geske, and Dr. Michael Cullen.


CardioNerds (Drs. Amit Goyal, Jason Feinman, and Tiffany Dong) discuss Beyond the Boards: Diseases of the Peripheral Arteries with Dr. Amy Pollak. We review common presentations of peripheral vascular disease, ranging from aortic disease to the more distal vessels in an engaging case-based discussion. Dr. Pollack talks us through these cases, including the diagnosis and management of peripheral vascular diseases. Show notes were drafted by Dr. Matt Delfiner and episode audio was edited by student doctor Tina Reddy.

CardioNerds (Drs. Amit GoyalMatthew Delfiner, and Tiffany Dong) discuss infective endocarditis with distinguished clinician-educator Dr. Michael Cullen. We dive into the nuances of infective endocarditis, including native valve endocarditis, prosthetic valve endocarditis, and right-sided endocarditis.

Notes were drafted by Dr. Tiffany Dong, and audio editing was performed by student Dr. Adriana Mares.

CardioNerds co-founder Dr. Amit Goyal and episode leads Dr. Jaya Kanduri (FIT Ambassador from Cornell University) and Dr. Jenna Skowronski (FIT Ambassador from UPMC) discuss Complications of acute myocardial infarction with expert faculty Dr. Jeffrey Geske. They discuss various complications of acute MI such as cardiogenic shock, bradyarrythmias, left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, ruptures (papillary muscle rupture, VSD, free wall rupture), and more. Show notes were drafted by Dr. Jaya Kanduri. Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy Intern, student doctor Tina Reddy.