Heart Failure Success Series

Welcome to the Heart Success Series! 

This series was created in memory of Dr. David Taylor. We thank our partners at the Heart Failure Society of America which is a multidisciplinary organization working to improve and expand heart failure care through collaboration, education, research, innovation, and advocacy. Its members include physicians, scientists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. Learn more at hfsa.org.

CardioNerds Heart Success Series

Podcast Episodes

A Tribute to the Life and Legacy of
Dr. David Taylor

  • Steve Nissen – 5:03
  • Sandy Galvin – 7:29
  • Mike Militello – 8:45
  • Andres Carmona – 9:26
  • Millie Pejnovic – 11:02
  • Kia Afshar – 11:38
  • Sanjeep (Sean) Bhattacharya – 13:40
  • Liane Porepa – 15:06
  • Bret Sperry – 16:04
  • Josef Stehlik – 17:12
  • Bill Wilke – 19:07
  • Paulino Alvarez – 20:39
  • Kay Kendall – 22:44
  • Mazen Hanna – 22:08
  • David Xu – 29:26
  • Ilke Sipahi – 30:40
  • Anupam Basuray – 31:54
  • Amanda Vest – 33:13
  • Paul Cremer – 34:40
  • Rebecca Reay – 37:45
  • Jerry Estep – 42:09
  • Venu Menon – 45:33
  • Wilson Tang – 48:51
  • Randall Starling – 50:22
Dr. Ken Baughman
Dr. Baughman and is wife, Cheryl. Photo courtesy of Roger S. Blumenthal, MD

In Memory of Dr. Ken Baughman

Dr. Ken Baughman served as director of the cardiology division at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Md., before being recruited to Brigham Hospital in 2002. 

He was such a hero in cardiology. Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, a cardiology great in his own right, called Dr. Baughman a physician’s physician, and an exemplar of how you can lead and teach as a model to others. His thousands of patients knew him and benefited from his great expertise and his care. Dr. Gary Gottlieb, president of Brigham Hospital at the time,  said His passion for his patients was woven into the fabric of our hospital,” He represented the very best in medicine … He cared so deeply for each and every person he touched. Not only was he an extraordinary clinician, but he was a respected and accomplished researcher and brilliant mentor to dozens of young men and women who benefited from his nurturance and wisdom.”

Learn more about Dr. Ken Baughman from a moving tribute authored by Dr. Roger Blumenthal. 

Bioptome #1 used by Dr. Baughman
Dr. Thomas Traill (L), Dr. Baughman (C), Dr. Stephen Achuff (R)
Dr. Kasper wearing Dr. Baughman's conductors cap gifted to him by a patient