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This page features  information, resources, and educational content related to pulmonary hypertension, aimed at helping all CardioNerds better understand and manage pulmonary hypertension.


The CardioNerds and Pulm PEEPs have joined forces to co-produce this important episode, delving into the management of decompensated right ventricular failure in pulmonary arterial hypertension. Joining us for this informative discussion are Pulm PEEPs co-founders, Dr. David Furfaro and Dr. Kristina Montemayor, along with Dr. Leonid Mirson (Internal Medicine Resident at Johns Hopkins Osler Medical Residency and Associate Editor of Pulm PEEPs), Dr. Bavya Varma (Internal Medicine Resident at Johns Hopkins, rising Cardiology Fellow at NYU, and CardioNerds Academy graduate), Dr. Mardi Gomberg-Maitland (Medical Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program at George Washington Hospital), and Dr. Rachel Damico (Pulmonologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital). Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy Intern, student doctor Adriana Mares.

CardioNerds join Dr. Samid Muhammad Farooqui, Dr. Hiba Hammad, and Dr. Syed Talal Hussain, from the University of Oklahoma Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program, in Oklahoma City. The fellows will take us in a fascinating discussion of a case of rapidly progressing dyspnea and pulmonary hypertension in a patient with metastatic breast cancer. They will then reveal an interesting etiology of pulmonary hypertension, where the secret was on the wedge! University of Oklahoma faculty and expert in pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular physiology, Dr. Roberto J. Bernardo provides the E-CPR for this episode. Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy InternDr. Christian Faaborg-Andersen.

Join CardioNerds to learn about patent ducts arteriosus and Eisenmenger syndrome! Dr. Dan Ambinder (CardioNerds co-founder), ACHD series co-chair Dr. Dan Clark,  Dr. Tony Pastor (ACHD fellow, Harvard Medical School), and Dr. Kate Wilcox, Medicine/Pediatrics Resident, Medical College of Wisconsin join Dr. Candice Silversides (Editor-in-chief #JACCAdvances) for this terrific discussion. Notes were drafted by Dr. Kate Wilcox. .Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy InternDr. Maryam Barkhordarian.

It’s another session of CardioNerds Rounds! In these rounds, Co-Chair, Dr. Karan Desai (previous FIT at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and now faculty at Johns Hopkins) joins Dr. Ryan Tedford (Professor of Medicine and Chief of Heart Failure and Medical Directory of Cardiac Transplantation at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC) to discuss the nuances of managing pulmonary hypertension in the setting of left-sided heart disease. Dr. Tedford is an internationally-recognized clinical researcher, educator, clinician and mentor, with research focuses that include the hemodynamic assessment of the right ventricle and its interaction with the pulmonary circulation and left heart.

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal and Daniel Ambinder), Cardio-OB series co-chair and University of Texas Southwestern Cardiology Fellow, Dr. Sonia Shah, episode lead fellow, Dr. Kaitlyn Ibrahim (Temple University now practicing with Lankenau Heart Group), join Dr. Afshan Hameed (Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, UC Irvine), Dr. Paul Forfia (Co-Director, Pulmonary Hypertension, Right Heart Failure & CTEPH Program, Temple University Hospital), and Dr. Marie-Louise Meng (Obstetric and Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, Duke University) to discuss pregnancy and multidisciplinary critical care.

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal and Daniel Ambinder) join Dr. Kushani Gajjar and Dr. Mitha Naik from the Allegheny Health Network for a walk along the Three Rivers Trail in Pittsburgh. They discuss a case of young woman in her third trimester of pregnancy with a known history of pulmonary arterial hypertension. The management of pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy and RV failure in the context of pregnancy is described. The E-CPR segment is provided by Dr. Nandita Scott, Co-Director Corrigan Women’s Heart Health Program and Cardiovascular Disease and Pregnancy Service at Massachusetts General Hospital. Special cameo appearance by Dr. Dani Crousillat.

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal Karan Desai) join University of Minnesota fellows, Dr. Julie PowerDr. Sasha Prisco, and Dr. Abdisamad Ibrahim for a riveting discussion in which they were pressured to diagnose a young woman with syncope. The fellows expertly take us through the next steps in the differential diagnosis, and management of pulmonary hypertension in this young patient! University of Minnesota faculty and expert in right ventricular (RV) failure in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) Dr. Kurt Prins provides the E-CPR for this episode.

CardioNerd (Amit Goyal), cardioobstetrics series co-chair Dr. Sonia Shah (FIT, UT Southwestern) and episode lead Dr. Kayle Shapero (FIT, UPMC) discuss pregnancy in patients with pulmonary hypertension with Dr. Candice Silversides, Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Pregnancy and Heart Disease program and head of the Obstetric Medicine program at the University of Toronto.

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal & Daniel Ambinder) join Temple Cardiology Fellows (Anika Vaidy and Anne- Sophie LaCharite-Roberge) in Philadelphia, PA! They discuss a fascinating case of pulmonary hypertension secondary to Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) associated with May Thurner syndrome and large uterine fibroids. Dr. Vaidya provides the E-CPR and message to applicants. Episode notes were developed by Johns Hopkins internal medicine resident, Eunice Dugan, with mentorship from University of Maryland cardiology fellow Karan Desai. 

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal & Dan Ambinder) join Lankenau Medical Center cardiology fellows (Gwen McNeill and Shaung Ooi) for some Philly cheesesteaks! They discuss a fascinating case of Embolic Acute Coronary Syndrome from PFO and Pulmonary HypertensionDr. John Clark provides the E-CPR and program director Dr. Jeanine Romanelli provides a message for applicants. Episode notes were developed by Johns Hopkins internal medicine resident Tommy Das with mentorship from University of Maryland cardiology fellow Karan Desai

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