137. WomenHeart Champions: Patients As Support and Advocates for Women With Heart Disease

In this special CardioOB series patient perspective episode, CardioNerds (Amit Goyal and Daniel Ambinder), join three incredible WomenHeart Champions, Ms. Porothea Dennis, Ms. Brandie Taylor, and Ms. Ellen Robin in the presence of two legendary leaders in cardiovascular medicine,  Dr. Nanette Wenger and Dr. Sharonne Hayes. In addition to this episode being featured on our Cardio-Obstetrics topic page, you can also find this episode in our Patient and Family Perspective collection which features several moving and meaningful patient and family stories that remind us of why we do what we do. Special message by Ms. Celina Gorre, CEO of WomenHeart. Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy InternDr. Leticia Helms.

The CardioNerds Cardio-Obstetrics series is a comprehensive series led by series co-chairs Dr. Natalie Stokes CardioNerds ambassador from UPMC and Dr. Sonia Shah CardioNerds ambassador from UTSW, and produced in collaboration with WomenHeart.

There is no CME for this episode. Relevant disclosures: None.

Why Cardio-Obstetrics❓ Because it’s important, and relevant to anyone taking care of women who are, may become, or have been pregnant as cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of pregnancy-related death. 

In order to raise awareness we’ve put together an fun, sometimes sobering, but comprehensive curriculum, so get ready, because this CardioNerds Cardio-Obstetrics cruise will dock at several ports along the way: ✔normal pregnancy physiology, hypertensive disorders, ✔arrhythmia, ✔valvular heart disease, ✔anticoagulation, ✔pulmonary hypertension, ✔congestive heart failure, ✔aortopathies, ✔coronary artery disease, ✔critical care, ✔4th trimester, ✔Racial disparities in care, ✔interventional considerations, ✔patient perspectives including from womenheart champions, and more!

CardioNerds Cardioobstetrics Production Team

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