25. COVID-19: ID Part 2: Protecting Healthcare Workers with Drs. Chida and Nematollahi

Infectious disease experts from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Drs. Natasha Chida and Saman Nematollahi join the CardioNerds for a 4 part COVID-19 infectious disease series. In this second episode, we discuss all things to consider with regards to protecting healthcare workers in COVID-19 as well as their families as they face the pandemic. Be sure to stay tuned for the remaining 2 parts of this mini-series where we will discuss the clinical presentation and diagnosis of COVID-19, and the virology. Flutter Moment by Dr. Meredith Sloan (Internal medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center).

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Dr. Natasha Chida, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins. Dr Chida received her MD from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where she also earned an MSPH (masters of science in public health). She completed internal medicine residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital and infectious disease fellowship at Johns Hopkins, where we were lucky to keep her on as faculty. She is a truly incredible educator and mentor to all levels of trainees — she serves as assistant director of the infectious disease fellowship program, co-director of the medical education pathway for residents, director of education for the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health Education, and course director for the ‘Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine’ course for medical students.

Dr. Saman Nematollahi grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He completed his undergrad at the University of Arizona with dual degrees in Physiology and Spanish Literature. He spent some time after undergrad working in a neuroscience lab before starting med school at the University of Arizona. He then moved to NYC where he completed residency at Columbia. His clinical interests include management of immunocompromised hosts, and his research interest is in medical education.  More than that he is a teacher at heart and is obtaining a Master’s of Education at the Johns Hopkins School of Education and was recently awarded a grant to develop a fungal diagnostic curriculum for residents. He loves to play soccer with his wife and son. He is master educator, appeared on and has authored many important tweetorials. He has also appeared on the hit medical podcast, The Clinical Problem Solvers. 

Besides for discussing Protecting Healthcare Workers in COVID-19, we are thrilled to have Dr. Meridith Sloan on the Cardionerds podcast for her inspiring flutter moment!

Dr. Meredith Sloan is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!) and went to the Medical University of South Carolina. She is currently a third year Internal Medicine resident at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and is looking forward to being a Chief Resident next year.