30. Myocarditis with Drs. JoAnn Lindenfeld, Javid Moslehi and Dr. Enrico Ammirati: Part 2

Cardiovascular experts, Drs. JoAnn Lindenfeld, Javid Moslehi and Richa Gupta from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Dr. Enrico Ammirati from Milan, Italy join Amit and Dan for a two part discussion about all things to consider for myocarditis in general (part 1) and COVID-19 myocarditis and heart transplantation in the COVID-19 era (part 2). Flutter Moment by Barrie Stanton (RN).

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Dr. JoAnn Lindenfeld, is a Professor of Medicine and the Director of Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation Section at Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute.  She is the past president of the Heart Failure Society of America and serves on editorial boards of numerous journals including JACC, JACC Heart Failure and JHLT.  She is also a member of the AHA/ACC/HFSA heart failure guideline writing committee and was previously chair of the HFSA practice guidelines for the 2006 and 2010 guidelines. In addition to this she’s been an investigator in multiple large-scale clinical trials including the COAPT trial and has served on numerous steering committees, end point committees and data and safety monitoring committees. She is the author of a more than 300 original papers, reviews, and book chapters in the field of heart failure and heart transplantation.

Dr. Javid Moslehi is an associate professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he is the director of the cardio-oncology program.  He is a clinical cardiologist and basic/translational biologist interested in cardiovascular complications associated with novel molecular targeted cancer therapies and the implications of these on our knowledge of basic cardiovascular biology. At Vanderbilt he runs an independent basic and translational research laboratory and program with a focus on signal transduction in the myocardium and vasculature as well as establishing pre-clinical models of cardiotoxicity involving novel targeted oncologic therapies.

Dr. Enrico Ammirati is an assistant professor of cardiology and advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist in Milan, Italy at the Niguarda Hospital with a special research interest and expertise in acute myocarditis and acute heart failure.  He is a fellow of the European Society of Cardiology and has won numerous awards, he has also published incredibly important work on the distinction between fulminant and nonfulminant myocarditis and the prognostic implication of histologic subtypes.  His research interests also include the role of adaptive immunity in heart transplantation and atherosclerosis and he is the author of well over 100+ peer reviewed publications.

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