Aortic Stenosis

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Stroke is a potentially devastating TAVR complication. In this episode, CardioNerds (Drs. Amit Goyal, Nikolaos Spilias, Ahmed Ghoneem, and Chelsea Amo-Tweneboah) discuss TAVR and stroke risk, stroke prevention strategies, and future directions with Dr. Samir Kapadia, Department Chairman, Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. They also discuss device innovation and randomized controlled trial implementation for testing device safety and efficacy. Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy Intern, Dr. Chelsea Amo Tweneboah.

CardioNerdsDaniel Ambinder and CardioNerds Academy Program Director, Dr. Tommy Das (Cardiology fellow, Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Jacqueline Latina (Structural heart fellow, Johns Hopkins) discuss aortic stenosis and the story of TAVR from both the historical perspective and in terms of future directions with Dr. Jon Resar, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Adult Catheterization Laboratory and Interventional Cardiology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. This episode is brought to you for Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day. Audio editing by CardioNerds Academy InternShivani Reddy.

Imaging and structural heart considerations for TAVR for the diagnosis and treatment of aortic stenosis are discussed by experts, cardiac imager, Dr. Sneha Vakamudi from the Cleveland Clinic and structural cardiologist, Dr. Rani Hasan from The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Dr. Heather Kagan and the CardioNerds discuss a case of aortic stenosis, covering diagnosis, surveillance, imaging, management and followup. ​

Schematics and Figures

CardioNerds Aortic Stenosis
CardioNerds Aortic Stenosis, updated 1.20.21
Post TAVR: Suicide Left Ventricle
Post TAVR: Suicide Left Ventricle
Bicuspid Aortopathy - CardioNerds
Bicuspid Aortopathy - CardioNerds