2. Imaging and TAVR for Aortic Stenosis with Drs. Sneha Vakamudi and Rani Hasan​

Imaging and structural heart considerations for TAVR for the diagnosis and treatment of aortic stenosis are discussed by experts, cardiac imager, Dr. Sneha Vakamudi from the Cleveland Clinic and structural cardiologist, Dr. Rani Hasan from The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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Dr. Sneha Vakamudi is a cardiovascular imaging fellow  at the Cleveland Clinic. She earned her medical degree at UT Southwestern and completed internal medicine residency at Duke.  She went to Cleveland Clinic for general cardiology fellowship where she stayed on for advanced training in advanced imaging. During her time as a fellow, she also obtained a masters degree in clinical research at CWRU. She has an interest in multimodality cardiovascular imaging and its application in the management of structural heart disease.

Dr. Rani Hasan is an interventional cardiologist at John’s Hopkins Hospital, assistant professor of medicine, and assistant program director of the interventional fellowship. Most recently, he was named the director of the Structural program at Suburban Hospital. He obtained his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University, completed residency at the University of Pennsylvania and came back to Hopkins to complete his cardiology fellowship. During his fellowship, he earned an MHS in the Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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