7. Cardiac Amyloid part 1: case discussion

A new case of congestive heart failure due to cardiac amyloid is presented by Yuxuan Wang and discussed by Carine, Heather, Dan and Amit. Guest oncology star: Jackie Zimmerman. Flutter moment by Mark Heslin.

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Cardiac imaging for Amyloid – Youtube 

Dr. Yuxuan Wang completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She then received her MD and PhD degrees through the Medicine Scientist Training Program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She trained under Bert Vogelstein, focusing on the early detection of cancer. She is currently finishing the last year of residency and fast-tracking into fellowship in Hematology-Oncology.

Dr. Jackie Zimmerman completed the Medical Scientist Training Program at University of Alabama School of Medicine. She completed her internal medicine training and served as assistant chief resident (ACS) for the Longcope firm at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is currently a medical oncology fellow at Johns Hopkins and investigating tumor-stromal interactions in pancreatic cancer in the lab of Dr Elizabeth Jaffee.

Mark Heslin is a current 3rd year medical student at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden, New Jersey. He completed his undergraduate studies at James Madison University with a degree in biology. Mark will be applying to internal medicine residency programs this upcoming fall with the hope of applying for a cardiology fellowship in the future. His clinical interests include clinical reasoning and the management of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Outside of medical school, Mark enjoys spending time on Long Beach Island with his friends and family.

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