377. CardioOncology:  Multi-modality Imaging in Cardio-Oncology with Dr. Nausheen Akhter

CardioNerds Co-Founder Dr. Daniel Ambinder, Series Co-Chair Dr. Giselle Suero Abreu (FIT at MGH), and Episode Lead Dr. Iva Minga (FIT at the University of Chicago) discuss the use of multi-modality cardiovascular imaging in cardio-oncology with expert faculty Dr. Nausheen Akhter (Northwestern University). Show notes were drafted by Dr. Sukriti Banthiya and episode audio was edited by CardioNerds Intern and student Dr. Diane Masket.

They use illustrative cases to discuss:

  1. Recommendations on the use of multimodality imaging, including advanced echocardiographic techniques and cardiac MRI, in patients receiving cardiotoxic therapies and long-term surveillance.
  2. Role of nuclear imaging (MUGA scan) in monitoring left ventricular ejection fraction.
  3. Use of computed tomography to identify and/or monitor coronary disease.
  4. Imaging diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis.

This episode is supported by a grant from Pfizer Inc.

This CardioNerds Cardio-Oncology series is a multi-institutional collaboration made possible by contributions of stellar fellow leads and expert faculty from several programs, led by series co-chairs, Dr. Giselle Suero AbreuDr. Dinu Balanescu, and Dr. Teodora Donisan

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References –  Multi-modality Imaging in Cardio-Oncology

  1. Baldassarre L, Ganatra S, Lopez-Mattei J, et al. Advances in Multimodality Imaging in Cardio-Oncology. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2022 Oct, 80 (16) 1560–1578.

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