38. Cardiovascular Prevention: A Case Discussion by the Cardionerds

This is the first episode in an important series on cardiovascular prevention. It’s no secret that cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer worldwide; the total impact on humanity is just staggering. A focus on preventing CVD is an impetus for every cardionerd. In this episode Dan, Amit, Carine, and Heather discuss an illustrative case discussion and review the Cardionerds 2+4 paradigm of cardiovascular prevention: 2 fundamental principles of management + 4 steps in risk stratification.

The Cardionerds CV prevention series will include in-depth deep dives on so many topics related to prevention starting with this case discussion. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on the ABCs of prevention, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and anti-diabetes agents, personalized risk and genetic risk assessments, hyperlipidemia, women’s cardiovascular prevention, coronary calcium scoring and so much more!

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We are truly honored to be producing the Cardionerds CVD Prevention Series in collaboration with the American Society for Preventive Cardiology! The ASPC is an incredible resource for learning, networking, and promoting the ideals of cardiovascular prevention! This series is kicked off by a message from Dr. Amit Khera, President of the American Society for Preventive Cardiology and President of the SouthWest Affiliate of the American Heart Association.

Cardionerds Cardiovascular Prevention Series: by the Cardionerds Cardiology Podcast in Collaborate with the The American Society For Preventive Cardiology ASPC

TWO principles of management

  1. Emphasize healthy lifestyle for everyone regardless of risk
  2. Escalate Preventive Measures with ↑ Risk 

FOUR steps of risk stratification

  1. Qualitative risk approximation – identify major risk factors and start counseling and education. 
  2. Quantitative risk estimation – use a validated model to quantify a patient’s future risk of CVD. 
  3. Identify Risk Enhancing Factors – personalize risk if patient is in the gray zones after step 2
  4. Measure coronary artery calcium score – selectively if risk remains uncertain
The Cardionerds podcast presents the 2+4 paradigm for cardiovascular prevention
Cardiovascular Prevention
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Cardiovascular Prevention