9. Cardiac Amyloid Associated with HFpEF & Cardiac ATTR treatment with Drs. Virginia Hahn & Joban Vaishnav ​

Cardionerds (Daniel Ambinder and Carine Hamo) chat with Dr. Virginia Hahn about her work profiling HFpEF patients via endomyocardial biopsy only to find a significant proportion of patients with unsuspected cardiac amyloid. This is followed by a high yield discussion with Dr. Joban Vaishnav about ATTR cardiac amyloid treatment and management options. Flutter moment by David Ambinder (MS IV).

Drs. Joban Vaishnov and Virginia Hahn from Johns Hopkins Cardiology join the Cardionerds Cardiology Podcast

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Dr. Virginia Shalkey Hahn is a fourth-year Cardiology fellow at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. She earned her medical degree from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, where she stayed for residency. She moved to Johns Hopkins for Cardiology fellowship (after a 1 year hiatus as an ICU hospitalist). During fellowship, she completed 2 years on the NIH T32 Training grant and one year as chief fellow. She feels passionate about translational heart failure research and mothering her 2 young children.

Dr. Joban Vaishnav completed her undergraduate and medical school training at St. Louis University. She has since been at Johns Hopkins for residency, cardiology fellowship, and advanced heart failure fellowship. Her early research pursuits were in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. From this, and from her advanced heart failure training, she developed a strong clinical interest and research interest in early diagnosis and treatment of cardiac amyloidosis.

In addition to the great discussion on Cardiac Amyloid ATTR treatment, we are excited to have Dan’s brother, David, join the Cardionerds cardiology podcast to share a special flutter moment! David Ambinder is a 4th year medical student at the University of Maryland and will be starting urology residency this coming July at Westchester Medical Center. He grew up in New York and graduated from Touro College before heading to Baltimore for medical school. He enjoys spending time with his wife Samantha and 3 lovely children.

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9. Cardiac Amyloid part 3: Pulse check with Drs. Virginia Hahn and Joban Vaishnav