Transvenous Pacing 101

Transvenous Pacing 101 by Dr. Rawan Amir Transvenous pacemakers (TVPs) are often placed in patients in the CCU for symptomatic or hemodynamically significant bradyarrhythmias, overdrive pacing in patients with ventricular tachycardia, or simply to pace patients with failed permanent pacemakers. This tweetorial aims to help identify the indications for transvenous…

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Right Heart Catheterization

Approach to Right heart Catheterization (Swan-Ganz catheterization, PA Catheterization) Many of our CCU patients have Swan-Ganz/PA catheters in place. They provide extremely valuable diagnostic and prognostic information and can be a critical tool for guiding management in critically ill patients. However, the sheer amount of data can sometimes be overwhelming.…

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