112. Narratives in Cardiology: Advocacy for Women’s Heart Health and Empowering Women in Cardiology with Dr. Gina Lundberg

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal and Daniel Ambinder) join Dr. Gina Lundberg (Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, Clinical Director of the Emory Women’s Heart Center, and Chair Elect for the ACC WIC Section) and Dr. Zarina Sharalaya (interventional cardiology fellow at CCF, CardioNerds Narratives FIT Council Member) for a Narratives in Cardiology episode. Dr. Lundberg highlights the disparities that exists with representation of women in cardiology and cardiology subspecialties, and how to navigate the challenges that exist for women in cardiology. Dr. Lundberg takes us through her career journey and gives several pearls for fellows-in-training regarding achieving career goals, networking, mentorship, and the use of social media to further your career. Special message from Dr. Annabelle Volgman. Audio editing and episode introduction by Gurleen Kaur.

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112. Narratives in Cardiology: Advocacy for Women’s Heart Health and Empowering Women in Cardiology with Dr. Gina Lundberg


“Improving the work environment for women is going to be really important for job retention and for encouraging more women to go into EP, interventional cardiology, and heart failure…”

“One of the words of wisdom I say to a lot of early career women is slow down. You don’t have to drink the whole thing in your first 10 years. You can just slowly ease into it- there’s a time and a place for everything, a season for everything.”

“So start building your network. Build your ‘otter raft’ and by otter, I mean that group of people, men or women who really support you and lift you up, who might recommend you for a position or a lecture that might share opportunities with you”

Show notes

  1. What are some strategies to improve female representation in cardiology?
  • Practicing cardiologists, both men and women, need to mentor and sponsor trainees to attract more female into the field.
  • Improving the work environment is key to retention of women in cardiology (allowing for more flexibility to meet needs such as child-care etc.).
  • We need to build the pipleline to start recruiting females early on, even in high school.

2. What are some strategies to network as a fellow-in-training?

  • Start building your network early – attend ACC and AHA meetings. The ACC Legislative Conference is great because it’s a bit smaller and allows for more opportunities to meet leaders in the ACC.
  • Share your story with other people (example your old high school or sorority/fraternity) as an opportunity to mentor and inspire others.
  • Build your “otter raft”… that group of people who really support you and lift you up, who might recommend you for a position or a lecture that might share opportunities with you.

3. What is the role or value of social media for professional development?

  • Social medial democratizes the landscape, giving everyone a voice regardless of level of training, background, or beliefs.
  • It is invaluable for connecting and networking, on a global scale.
  • It empowers individuals to share – be it powerful stories, their thoughts, and of course education.
  • We of course need to be responsible with protecting our patient’s privacy, be discerning consumers, and be professional in our interactions.

CardioNerds Narratives in Cardiology
CardioNerds Narratives in Cardiology

The CardioNerds Narratives in Cardiology series features cardiovascular faculty representing diverse backgrounds, subspecialties, career stages, and career paths. Discussing why these faculty chose careers in cardiology and their passion for their work are essential components to inspiring interest in the field.

Each talk will feature a cardiology faculty from an underrepresented group, within at least one of several domains: gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, international graduate status, disadvantaged backgrounds, etc.

Featured faculty will also represent a variety of practice settings, academic ranks, subspecialties (e.g. clinical cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, etc), and career paths (e.g. division chief, journal editor, society leadership, industry consultant, etc).

Faculty will be interviewed by fellows-in-training for a two-part discussion that will focus on:

1) Faculty’s content area of expertise
2) Faculty’s personal and professional narrative

As part of their narrative, faculty  will discuss their unique path to cardiology and their current professional role with particular attention to challenges, successes, and advice for junior trainees. Specific topics will be guided by values relevant to trainees, including issues related to mentorship, work-life integration, and family planning.

To help guide this important initiative, the CardioNerds Narratives Council was founded to provide mentorship and guidance in producing the Narratives series with regards to guests and content. The CardioNerds Narratives Council members include: Dr. Pamela DouglasDr. Nosheen RezaDr. Martha GulatiDr. Quinn Capers, IVDr. Ann Marie NavarDr. Ki ParkDr. Bob HarringtonDr. Sharonne Hayes, and Dr. Michelle Albert.

The Narratives Council includes three FIT advisors who will lead the CardioNerds’ diversity and inclusion efforts, including the current project: Dr. Zarina SharalayaDr. Norrisa Haynes, and Dr. Pablo Sanchez.

Guest Profiles

Dr. Gina Lundberg
Dr. Gina Lundberg

Gina Price Lundberg MD FACC FAHA is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and has served as the Clinical Director of the Emory Women’s Heart Center since it was founded in 2013. She is a Preventive Cardiologist and specializes in heart disease in women, lipid abnormalities and cardiovascular risk reduction. She founded the first women’s heart prevention program in the state of Georgia in 1998. Dr Lundberg’s service at Emory University includes improving outcomes for women with cardiovascular disease but also improving gender equity for women in cardiology and encouraging more women to choose cardiology for their careers. She attended the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University and trained in Internal Medicine at Atlanta Medical Center. Her cardiology fellowship was at Rush University in Chicago. She is active with the ACC, AHA, and NLA. She is the Chair-elect for the ACC Women in Cardiology Leadership Council and is the co-chair for the WIC Communications and Social Media Committee. She is the Co-chair for the NLA Social Media and Communications committee and the co-Chair for NLA DE&I Committee. She serves on the AHA Clinical Cardiology Communications and Social Media committee and the AHA Familial Hypercholesterolemia and Hyperlipidemia working group. And she serves as the Social Media Supervisor for JACC Case Reports.

Dr. Zarina Sharalaya - CardioNerds
Dr. Zarina Sharalaya

Dr. Zarina Sharalaya is an interventional cardiology fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. She completed medical school at The Ohio State University and then completed her residency at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She moved back to her home state of Ohio to do general cardiology fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic. Zarina has been very involved with the Ohio ACC and this year has served as co-chair of the FIT Council. She is passionate about the Women in Cardiology initiative has been able to help formulate the first WIC chapter for Ohio ACC. She enjoys traveling, music, and spending time with her husband and new puppy Zuma.

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